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Notification for
DSC - 2012
User Guide Application Submission
Notification No: 1863/RC-3/2011
Online Procedure
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(Note: These are Total Vacancies. Subject wise Vacancies, and Roaster wise vacancies will be available from 10th February onwards)

Tentative Schedule and Details:

Posts to be filled in DSC 2012 (State-vide) :
  • Total Posts : 21343
  • School Assistant Posts : 5703
  • Secondary Grade Teacher Posts : 11602
  • Language Pandit Posts : 2000
  • P.E.T Posts : 365
  • Vacancies from Municipal Schools : 1673
FEE Details
  • Application Fee : Rs.250
  • Applications are to be submitted through ONLINE.
Fee and Application Dates:
  • Information Bulletin available from 10th February 2012
  • User Guide available from 15th February 2012
  • Submission of Online Applications starts from : 15.02.2012
  • Last Date for Submission of Applications : 17.03.2012
  • Last Date to Pay the Fee for Online Applications : 16.03.2012 
Examination Schedule-Dates
     Sl.No Category of the Post Date Time
     1 Secondary Grade Teacher (SGT) All Media 2.5.2012 10am - 12.30pm
     2(a) Language Pandit _All Media 2.5.20122pm - 4.30pm
     2(b) Physical Education Teacher _ All Media 2.5.2012 2pm - 5pm
     3 School Assistant (Mat, Phy, Bio, Soc) All Media 3.5.2012 10am - 12.30pm
     4 School Assistant Lang(Hin, Tel, Urdu, Eng& other) 3.5.2012 2pm - 4.30pm
     5(a) SGT,LPT in Schools for Blind, Deaf  (Spl Schools) 4.5.2012 10am - 12.30pm
     5(b) Physical Education Teacher (Spl Schools) 4.5.2012 10am - 1pm
     6 SA (Mat,Phy,Bio,Soc..)in Special Schools  4.5.2012 2pm - 4.30pm